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Herbal Renewal at the

Spring Equinox

March 24th, 2018


April 14th, 2018


Join us to experience our beautiful local herbs of Spring renewal.


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What to Expect

The Spring Equinox is a time of rebirth, a perfect opportunity to purify and replenish our bodies and our spirits, welcoming new beginnings and balance. 

Join us to experience our beautiful local herbs of Spring renewal. We are offering two Saturday class dates; you may sign up for either day, or receive a discount if you sign up for both. We’ll focus on different herbs and herbal preparations in each of the two classes.  It all depends on which plants are growing at the time. Students with all levels of herbal knowledge are welcome. If you are new to herbal medicine, this is your chance to jump in!!

Each class will include a woodland expedition to identify and learn about herbs available at this season. Then we’ll head to the kitchen and make herbs into medicine. You’ll taste and experience these remedies, also taking home recipes and samples.

You will prepare and enjoy salads and smoothies of mixed wild-foraged Spring greens; medicinal teas and nutritive tonics; and herbal tinctures/fluid extracts that support liver, kidney, and skin health. You’ll also create ceremonial smudge sticks that are burned to clear old, stale energy and to connect us to positive healing.


Mary Gross

Read More about Mary HERE.


Will Endres

Will Endres is a master herbalist, wildcrafter, teacher, and foraging guide. He leads classes and plant walks for students and apprentices throughout the region and has owned and operated Will's Wild Herbs for over 42 years. Will is recognizes nationally as an expert and pioneer in the healing properties of herbs. He has studied with many herbal elders and has been deeply influenced by Appalachian and Cherokee traditions.


Saturday, March 24th from 9am-5pm


Saturday, april 14th from 9am-5pm

$125 per person/ per class

$225 per person/ both classes

Herbal Renewal
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WHAT to bring

Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes suitable for a hike in the woods. 

Bring Sunscreen, bug repellant, hat, and ware/fluids, and daypack.

Bring a brown-bag lunch. We will eat together and use this time to get to know each other and share experiences.

In case of rain, bring a rain hat, functional rain jacket, rain pants, and rain shoes.


Please let us know of cancellations as soon as possible.