Mary Gross is an exceptional nutritionist. Her insight and unwavering support have allowed me to meet many of my goals that I thought impossible before I met her. Working with Mary is educational
and enjoyable — she is the real deal. I have worked with several nutritionists over the years, and I KNOW that Mary is the best of the best. Thank you, Mary!
— Claudia

My work with Mary has really enabled me to think about my eating patterns and what causes me to overeat. Mary has a seemingly endless set of tools and tips, which she brings out at just the right time. She is warm and kind and creates a wonderful safe space to dig deep and think about my behaviors. Since working with Mary I’ve lost weight, but more importantly I’ve gained wisdom.
— Laurie

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mary and how she has helped me just over the course of a few months. She has taught me how to have a positive relationship with my body — and food — by being mindful, giving myself permission, and accepting that not every day will be “perfect.” She is a terrific listener and has truly transformed the way that I think about food and, more importantly, about myself.
— Samantha

Mary, I am deeply grateful for the time you’ve spent with me sorting out a food plan that meets my particular needs. This is the help I desperately needed, and I wasn’t able to cobble it together for myself from the web. As you know, it’s nearly impossible for me to trust someone else with my food. Early on, I realized that you are trustworthy. I could see that you wanted to help me more than you wanted to push a particular plan of eating. I believed you! And I’m so glad I did. It’s been nearly 4 years now since my first visit, and today, I’m in a normal body, living free of the constant thought and worry about food. Thank you for your critical role in guiding me to this place. I will remain forever grateful.
— Robin

I learned more about nutrition in my sessions with you than I learned in my whole life up until then. You’ve given me the tools I need to move forward.
— Ken

We love Mary! She is truly responsible for slowing the progress of our daughter’s eating disorder. Without Mary, I’m not sure where we would be. Before we met Mary, we were spinning our wheels, sliding backwards every day. Mary provides thoughtful, simple steps (and recipes!), mixed with just the right amount of encouragement, guidance and support, which gave our family hope. Mary also helped us assemble a team of professionals that worked together, which is essential and critical to any recovery. Put simply, Mary taught our daughter how to eat again - - for nutrition and pleasure. We have more work to do, but with Mary on our side, there is no doubt we will continue to move in the right direction. Mary’s work is vital to battling an eating disorder and I’m thrilled she was on our team!
— Katie