Mary Gross is an exceptional nutritionist. Her insight and unwavering support have allowed me to meet many of my goals that I thought impossible before I met her. Working with Mary is educational
and enjoyable — she is the real deal. I have worked with several nutritionists over the years, and I KNOW that Mary is the best of the best. Thank you, Mary!
— Claudia

My work with Mary has really enabled me to think about my eating patterns and what causes me to overeat. Mary has a seemingly endless set of tools and tips, which she brings out at just the right time. She is warm and kind and creates a wonderful safe space to dig deep and think about my behaviors. Since working with Mary I’ve lost weight, but more importantly I’ve gained wisdom.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mary and how she has helped me just over the course of a few months. She has taught me how to have a positive relationship with my body — and food — by being mindful, giving myself permission, and accepting that not every day will be “perfect.” She is a terrific listener and has truly transformed the way that I think about food and, more importantly, about myself.
— Samantha

Mary, I am deeply grateful for the time you’ve spent with me sorting out a food plan that meets my particular needs. This is the help I desperately needed, and I wasn’t able to cobble it together for myself from the web. As you know, it’s nearly impossible for me to trust someone else with my food. Early on, I realized that you are trustworthy. I could see that you wanted to help me more than you wanted to push a particular plan of eating. I believed you! And I’m so glad I did. It’s been nearly 4 years now since my first visit, and today, I’m in a normal body, living free of the constant thought and worry about food. Thank you for your critical role in guiding me to this place. I will remain forever grateful.
— Robin