Nutritional Therapy

Promoting dietary guidance in ways that will lead to positive and lasting behavior change, we offer nutritional therapy to help you improve your health and well-being at every age and stage of life.


Initial Nutritional Assessment


Your first nutrition session will be 75 minutes long, allowing time to discuss your needs and your desired outcomes, and to help you set initial goals. The first step to a healthy lifestyle is a thorough nutritional and health behaviors assessment.  This includes a look at current foods, food habits, physical activity, and a deeper look at your current relationship with food. Medical history and current diagnoses will also be discussed, as well as your current intake of medicines and supplements. From here, we will work together to plan your personal strategies for success.


Nutritional Therapy Sessions

60 minutes, following your initial nutritional assessment

At each session we will review your progress and successes, discuss new insights and troubleshoot as needed. We will develop strategies to support and boost your progress. You will receive further education, guidance, support, and encouragement in meeting your personalized goals. Each session will build on your knowledge, confidence, and eating competence. At the end of each session you will set your goals for continued progress. It’s important to attend sessions not only when you are seeing progress, but when you feel blocked. Together we will discover your underlying patterns that may lead to feelings of powerlessness with food.

Frequency of sessions varies depending on your needs and schedule. Voice or video call sessions are available for your convenience based on your location or schedule.

With your consent, we will be happy to communicate and collaborate with your health care providers for coordinated care.





areas of focus:

  • Optimal Health and Wellness

  • Medicinal Nutritional Therapy

    • Prevention and management of chronic diseases, including hypertension, heart health, kidney, diabetes, etc.

  • Weight Management

  • Compassionate Care for “failed dieters”

  • Eating Disorders

  • Plant-based Diets & Vegetarianism

  • Food Sensitivities & Allergies

  • Digestive Disturbances

  • Oncology Support

  • Nutritional Strategies for Fitness & Sports

  • Evidence-Based Herbal Medicine

  • Family Nutrition

  • Nutrition across all life stages

    • Infant, child, adolescent, teen, young adult, mid-life adults, and seniors.