Herbal Medicine

Learn how to select and use local herbs to help you with nutritional health.  Learning how to combine and include herbs in your daily life to increase your overall health as well as deal with digestive issues and to strengthen your immune system.



Herbal medicine has been used throughout history to help cure and encourage overall health.  Using some of the same methods that were learned from indigenous cultures, we can use the power of herbs to help your modern day life.



Professional Contacts

Working often with Will Endres, we host Herbal Workshops at the Cottage seasonally to teach the value and practice of herbal medicine.

Will Endres is a master herbalist, wildcrafter, teacher, and foraging guide.



Integration & Blending with Nutrition

Being able to combine nutritional therapy with herbal medicine is a wholistic way to approach improving your overall health. My therapies as a combination produce the best and most long-lasting lifestyle changes.


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