Herbal Medicine

Learn how to select and use herbs to support your health. You may be supplementing with a variety of herbs based on recommendations from health practitioners, friends, or the media. In addition you may (perhaps unknowingly) be consuming herbs in protein or energy bars and shakes, teas, and vitamin and mineral supplements. However, certain herbs can be contraindicated with specific health conditions. Symptoms may arise due to interactions between herbs and medications as well. We use evidence based information to guide you in the safe and effective use in herbal medicine. We encourage you to discuss your use of herbal medicine with all of your healthcare providers.



Herbal medicine has been used throughout history to help cure and encourage overall health.  Using some of the same methods that were learned from indigenous cultures, we can use the power of herbs to help your modern day life.



Seasonal Workshops

We host Herbal Workshops at the Cottage seasonally to teach the value and practice of herbal medicine.



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