Food Education

As lifestyles & Dietary needs change, so do the foods we eat.  with nutritional education and meal planning, you can learn how to prepare healthy foods to meet the needs of your fast-paced life.


Learning to Enjoy Healthy Food


We are focused on bringing the art of meal planning and preparation to individuals and families who want to build community bonds and healthy lifestyles. This enables each client to learn to make food a positive part of life!


Food Assessment


A food assessment is a great way for someone to commit to a healthy lifestyle.  This includes a look at specific foods, food habits, and a deeper look at your current relationship with food.  From here, we are able to establish the best ways to help guide your nutritional health.


Meal Planning


As lifestyles and dietary needs change, so do the foods we eat. Integrating the latest in nutritional meal planning, Nutritional Perspectives shows you how to plan menus, purchase, and conveniently prepare healthy foods to meet the needs of your faced-paced life.



What's true about food?

An important part of food assessment is learning the truth verses what is the hype. Learn which new healthy options have merit.


To make an appointment:

Please contact me to schedule a time for a phone consultation, and then we will find an appointment time that works with your schedule.