Food Education
As lifestyles and dietary needs change, so do the foods we eat. Integrating the latest in nutritional meal planning, Nutritional Perspectives shows you how to plan menus, purchase, and conveniently prepare healthy foods to meet the needs of your faced-paced life.

Focused on bringing the art of meal planning and preparation to individuals and families who want to build community bonds and healthy lifestyles, we offer services in the areas of:

  Pantry clean-out and organization
  Grocery shopping
  Family and individual meal planning
  Food preparation
  Eating on the run
  College eating survival skills
  Nutrition skills for executives, professionals, and travelers
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Tip Of The Month
On vacation at an all–inclusive resort? Eating 5 grams (about 3 Hershey’s Rich Dark Kisses ) of dark chocolate 1 hour before a meal will help control your appetite. The chocolate stabilizes blood sugar and will, as a result, moderate your appetite at mealtime. An added benefit – dark chocolate contains a type of monounsaturated fat found in olive oil, as well as antioxidants and specific flavonoids that have been shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.
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